Customized Agile Approach

Our practice in software development is grounded in decades of experience and knowledge. In a world where every methodology is named, our approach aligns with what is known today as the Agile methodology. However, we do not rigidly follow every rule derived from others’ experiences. Instead, we choose strategies that best suit the needs of our clients and the specifics of the projects we work on.

This includes:

  • Test-Driven Code Development: Wherever possible, we first define correctness tests and then develop code that must pass these tests. This approach allows us to more accurately define requirements and more effectively control the behavior of the program.
  • Flexibility Towards Requirement Changes: Even in the later stages of development, we are open to changes in user requirements. We are aware that changes can impact deadlines, but customer satisfaction is our priority, so we are ready to negotiate. We particularly value prototyping, as it helps identify predictable variations in requirements as early as possible.
  • Regular Delivery of Functional Versions: During the development of new features or systems, we regularly deliver usable versions to keep clients informed of progress.
  • Use of Proven Technologies: We are committed to using stable and tested technologies, carefully incorporating the latest trends to maximize efficiency.